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Posted by: Kimberly Schreter Oser   |   6/3/2011   |   New York

The glass is more than half full

The glass is more than half full


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After giving birth to my first child by cesarean, I was scheduled to do the same with my second. My water broke 3 days ahead of schedule and I gave birth by c-section on Saturday night, March 7. 2009. About 30 minutes later something went horribly wrong. I was bleeding profusely, losing blood as quickly as the doctors were replacing it. Nothing could stop the horrible flood leaving my body. I was give 3 more units than my body holds, meaning I lost all of my blood and then some. The only thing that could stop this and possibly save by life would be to remove my uterus. My life was saved and my psyche destroyed. I no longer felt like a real woman. I have learned that the choice was uterus and death or no uterus and life.