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Posted by: Lauren   |   5/11/2012   |   Connecticut

The story of my beautiful baby girl.

I write this a handful of days before my daughter's 1st b-day. I was so touched, and surprised, to hear of something that touched on the amazing story that has changed my family's life. My pregnancy: everything was perfect, until it suddenly wasn't. My blood pressure suddenly sky-rocketed and I was hospitalized and diagnosed with severe preeclampsia, then required bed rest. 2 weeks later, it was evident that her movement had been restricted; I was rushed to the hospital. 2 days later-an emergency C-section. We'd made it to 32 weeks (Thank God!). Then to the nICU we went. There I saw so many babies in so much worse shape; including twins separated and even a 1.5 lb baby. Bringing my daughter home was the best moment of my life. 2 months later, she got RSV and I got sick too. Over time, it became clear I had serious heart issues and was diagnosed with Congestive heart failure brought on by something called Peri-Partum Cardiomyopathy. The day I was sent home, she found her feet for the first time! 3 days later, she was hospitalized with severe RSV, we were there for 9 days. Believe it or not, this is the shortened version of our saga. My heart still hasn't healed; Meredith is still (and probably always will be) being treated for respiratory issues. While home on disability, I often think about how many times during my pregnancy and the subsequent months my daughter or I would've, without question, died had we lived somewhere other than the US. I think of how many women ,even here, don't have health insurance and at Meredith's $600,000 medical bill from her post-birth care alone (not including mine and her later illnesses or her birth) and how our insurance paid for those. I hurt for those women and remember, despite how bad things feel sometimes, just how lucky my little family is. I sincerely hope that this organization can help anyone in that position and bring awareness to this massive concern. Simply some thoughts I'm glad to express (finally).


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