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Posted by: Mei Sze Phung   |   2/18/2011   |   California

Ending Hunger Starts with a Club

Ending Hunger Starts with a Club


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Personal Tags: co-presidentsJennifer Lee and Meisze Phung, Eleni Baskin, Katherine Chiang, Priscilla Lee, Jason Fei Lopes, Queenie Ng, Francis Nguyen, Annatai Owens, Kelly Son, Victoria Trieu , Elizabeth Westwood, Beatrice Wong, Garrett Young* not in pictureRose Hoang, Sara Hui, club meeting at Alameda High School, 1/25/2011, 1:00 PM

we are Alameda High School's Hunger Awareness Leaders of Tomorrow Club. We are also part of Action Against Hunger International.