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Posted by: Héngly Vongrith   |   2/22/2011   |  

When the Smoke is going Down

When the Smoke is going Down


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Personal Tags: Ayawady, Laputta, Myanmar, recovered the area affected by Nargis cyclone (2-3 May 2008. The ASEAN Volunteer from Cambodia, DM expert contribute to share experience by CBDRR training to 25 villages.

The smoke is as bad as and it becomes greenhouse gas, it is always spreads up to the air towards destroy Ozone, it caused of climate change from normal to hot growing. More the smoke less the Ozone but much gaining for G8 country's member. On the contrary the poor or developing country get hazard by disaster. But now G8 has been appealed to help the poor countries. Especially, vulnerable women & children. They live under the poverty line or die by starvation. So we ask to G8 to rescue them soon.