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Posted by: Story NYC   |   1/20/2013   |  

Pillo1 Revolutionizes Sleeping



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As a leading Chiropractor, Dr. Hall found that most pillows on the market were of poor quality and design contributing to medical conditions such as: chronic headaches; neck and back pain; and stiffness.

Dr. Hall’s vision in inventing PILLO1™ was to make one pillow with three distinct and incorporated designs, focusing on three elements that were not collectively present in other pillows – support, comfort, and most importantly, virtual adaptation to all sleeping positions. Dr. Hall knew that this dynamic combination was essential to improving quality of life through better sleep, and that in redefining the pillow in a way that has never been seen before.

Dr. Hall crafted prototypes in his home workshop using his in-depth knowledge of how to heal the spine and stress injuries. His unique designs were patented in 2004. Now, after years of research and development, and with a multitude of trials and changes to create the ultimate design, Dr. Hall is proud to bring you PILLO1™ - the most effective pillow on the market.