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Posted by: Story NYC   |   1/20/2013   |  

The Wellnes Story Launches



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Here at STORY we are all about change - so much that we completely change everything every 4 to 8 weeks to tell a new story. So inspired by the energy we feel in a new year, we devote our 8th issue to wellness. In partnership with Wello!, an innovative approach which invites individuals to put well being on the front burner, the story has become a space to explore your needs, touch your goals, break a sweat, and leave feeling inspired and connected. Discover what we think wellness can be - from a welcoming porch swing to a place to play ping-pong from our friends at SPiN or listen to a lecture - curated with the help of Rachel P. Goldstein, Courtney Nichols, and Liz Heller, three women we believe embody the spirit of change. Each year we get a moment to reconnect,recommit, and recharge, let's make the most of it together.