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Posted by: Dharma Kurniawan   |   4/8/2012   |   Asia




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Hi Blake, first time I knew about TOMS was from your book 'Start Something That Matters' which I found last year when I was transit from Hongkong to Indonesia in Malaysia airport. To make someone breath easier because I have lived is becoming one of my purpose in life now. When I read your book I started to look for TOMS shoes in the area whereI lived, Bali, but I can't found it. When I dug into your website and there you go, you have reseller in Jakarta - Indonesia, and when friend of mine went to that city, I told her to buy me a pair of TOMS shoes. My TOMS shoes is two weeks old now and I like them so much. When I showed them to my friends, they like it too! Well, having TOMS and knowing that I give a pair of shoes to other in need is really something for me. TOMS price (online) is very reasonable, but I bought my Navy Heritage Men's Stitchouts for 850,000 IDR or in USD 90, which means it's almost twice more expensive than your online price. I fell in love with TOMS story right after I read it and I want more people here experience the same way I do. I want to sell TOMS in my area and country in reasonable price, can we make it happen? I live in Bali, an International tourism destination, besides the local people and the tourists from many countries, there're many foreign (expatriate) who live here. I want to start something matters.