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Posted by: Kenzie Woodman   |   11/3/2011   |   United States




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In my very large town here in Maine, you do not find many vegan hipsters like myself, but when I got my first pair of TOMS in 2009 I had so many people approach me and ask where i got my shoes. and i simply answered toms.com. Ive participated in One Day Without Shoes since then, and ive seen more and more people do the same(sure this April i saw 4, but i have a 1300 kids attending my school...hence i do not see them all) Since then, I have two pairs of TOMS now and for my birthday, i only ask for one pair of TOMS. Luckily this year i told my mother to wait when the fall selections came out, and when the announcement i had my mom order them (vegan red hounds tooth) right away. Sadly i had to wait three weeks due to the snow disaster here on the East coast, but when the UPS man came today, i was overjoyed. This is such a wonderful cause, and not to mention- makes the comfiest vegan based shoes. Thank you everyone at TOMS, because without you, i probably would wear flip-flops year round.