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Posted by: Whitney   |   12/16/2011   |   United States

How Haitians Wear Their TOMS

How Haitians Wear Their TOMS


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I just spent a week outside of Port Au Prince, Haiti with a group of college students. While visiting an orphanage in the village of Titanyen, I was reminded of why I wear my TOMS. I stood toe to toe with beautiful children who wore their TOMS because they had no other shoes to wear, I wore mine because I wanted to be super trendy (and comfortable, of course). Suddenly, standing there where fashion and function met, I changed my attitude about why I wore my TOMS and why I would continue to wear TOMS; because the mission is real. Kids are wearing the shoes, and playing, and dancing, and smiling. I just got to witness it first hand. Thanks, TOMS.