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Posted by: Spencer Fort   |   5/24/2012   |   United States

Kids Helping Kids

Kids Helping Kids


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I teach high school English in an inner-city urban environment. A large portion of my class discussions are centered around the world and staying current with news from around the globe. One of the things we have discussed is how not all children (and even adults) have the same opportunities that we have, for example, a safe school to attend. The kids loved learning and having discussions centered around kids like themselves. In January, I came into school wearing a pair of grey TOMS that I bought myself for the holidays. We talked about One for One and the cool things that TOMS is doing for kids, around the world, that don't have the luxury of having shoes to protect their feet. The kids became keenly aware of the priviledge it is to not only have a pair of shoes, but in many cases, have plenty of shoes to choose from. These are two of my 9th grade students and I sporting our beloved TOMS on the last day of school. We call ourselves TEAM TOMS.