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Posted by: Georgia Wilkins   |   4/28/2012   |   South America

Kids of Hotoquai - Toms

Kids of Hotoquai & Toms


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I'm currently finishing up a 4 month long community development internship in Northern Guyana. During my time here I've worked with Amerindian youth (indigenous people of Guyana) to educate them on social issues and to train them on computer use. On the side I've given them art and swimming lessons.During my last visit to a small village called Hotoquai I noticed that the children kept putting on my Toms and wearing them around my little guest house. "Miss, your shoes are so beautiful," Candacy, a 12 year old girl, said of my worn in Toms that were dirty and far too big on her. It was then that I realized that the majority of the children that I'd been working with didn't have proper shoes to call their own. Many of the children walk 30 minutes back and forth from school everyday on a dirt and stone path that is often littered with pieces of plastic and glass. Other children paddle to school in Amerindian dugout canoes. The slightest cut on the bottom of one of their feet could turn into a big problem as there is no nurse or hospital where they live and buying gas to travel to the nearest hospital for what looks like a minor issue is costly. Realizing how happy these children would be to receive a pair of Toms I felt proud to have helped 5 children in similar situations to receive shoes.I hope that one day Toms supporters purchases will enable these wonderful kids to receive a pair of brand new, fitted Toms to call their very own!
note: I have some other great pictures of the kids in Hotoquai wearing my Toms that I'd love to send... however there's only the option to make one attachment.