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Posted by: Nicolas Rangel   |   12/2/2011   |   Africa

Leading a Family

Leading a Family


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A few years ago, Blake Mycoskie spoke at my company. I was so inspired that when I got home a told my wife all about it. Our oldest son, Adam, was 4 at the time and because his writing was limited he was drawing his Christmas wish list. As I'm recounting to my wife the stories Blake had told us, I notice Adam intently drawing a new entry onto his wish list. I ask him what he was adding and he says, "Toms Shoes, so that way another little boy somewhere in the world gets a pair of shoes too." A few weeks later, he informed us that he would like to give up some of his wish list so we could use the money to buy Christmas gifts for children less fortunate. Since then, Adam's inspired his younger siblings, Sofia and Isaac, to join in the giving. Thanks, Blake and Toms Shoes for planting the seed!