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Posted by: Sally Caldwell   |   12/22/2011   |   Africa

Lion King TOMS

Lion King TOMS


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I bought my first pair of Toms (white canvas) and drew on them with Sharpies to create a Lion King/African themed pair of shoes. On the right shoe I drew the baby Simba that Rafiki draws on the tree with a background of the lyrics in "Circle of Life." The sides of that same shoe show the sunrise that is in the beginning of the movie with Pride Rock silhouetted on the right side. The heel of the shoe has lyrics from the Lion King Broadway soudtrack from the song, "Endless Night." The left shoe has the Lion King Broadway lion on the front, with the sides of the shoe displaying the lyrics to the Lion King Broadway song "He Lives In You." On the heel of the shoe I drew a picture that I thought really displayed the African spirit. It shows a mother and her child silhouetted against a setting sun. The right shoe is themed as the beginning of things. It has baby Simba and the rising sun and lyrics that support this theme. The left shoe's theme is conclusion, as it shows Simba as king on the front of the shoe and has the setting sun on the back of the shoe, with supporting lyrics. I drew these shoes to help my heart heal after the loss of a loved one, and they did help me to heal. I love continuing to use them to help other people to heal by telling them of Toms and the movement going on to help as many people as possible. I love the Lion King, but I especially love to help change the world. Thank you, Toms, for helping me to do that.