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Posted by: Jodi Pink   |   7/22/2012   |   United States

My All American Parents

My All American Parents


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My 77 year old mom has many health issues. The most challenging for her has been Parkinson's Disease. Along with this Disease come many side affects, one of them being balance. I introduced her to Tom's because of the skid proof bottom and the comfortable fit. Well, she has a pair to go with every outfit. She is even wearing them as her grandmother of the bride shoes. We took this Fourth of July picture of my parents with my mom wearing her flag Tom's. My kids posted it on their Facebook page and you would not believe all the thumbs up and also how many people asking if she had on Tom's!We love you Tom's! Thanks for making my life easier too ! I do all of her shopping! hahaKeep up the great work you are doing! We are huge fans!