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Posted by: Kelly Farrell   |   1/6/2012   |   Africa

My Toms Tour Step and Stitch

My Toms Tour: Step and Stitch


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I'm a 19 year old Boston College student and I took last semester to go around the world on Semester at Sea. I went to 14 countries and as I went I made sure to walk in my TOMS. Within the first two countries I had worn a hole in the toe of my left TOMS so I decided to patch it with kente cloth from Ghana. That idea led me to embroider the flag of every country onto my TOMS as I adventured around the world. When I wore a second hole in my right shoe I bought fabric in Vietnam . Additionally, I got a little carried away with my embroidery needle (it was my first time embroidering) and went all out with designs on both shoes. I have a lot of respect for the TOMS cause and mission that the company stands for. I saw enough throughout Africa, Asia, and Central America to know that TOMS's mission is one of dire value and necessity. Thanks for being with my every step and stitch of the way.