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Posted by: Caroline Bellemare   |   10/3/2011   |   South America

My Toms and I were in Haiti

My Toms and I were in Haiti


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This summer I went on a missionary trip to Haiti. We went in the tent cities with the kids. We brought them all sorst of gift, we prepared a program, we played with them, preached them the Gospel and simply loved them. I remember their faces. I remember their names: Saska, Steeve-Claude, Stephanie... I travelled light so that the rest of the room/weight in my luggage would be filled with stuff to bring them. Besides my shower flip-flops, the only shoes I had were my Toms. I was so happy to be wearing a the brand that supports children in need, just like what I was in Haiti for. That's a big love story for me. Our time on earth is so little. Might as well make it count. Even in the choice of our shoes :) God bless you all! (Ps. In the picture you can't see my Tom's but you can definitely see a happy little face :) every pair you buy goes to wonderful little girls like her)