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Posted by: Julian Nguyen   |   2/11/2012   |   United States

TOMS Movement!

TOMS Movement!


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A movement can be defined as being active or those with common ideology to stick together and carry out those ideals. That is exactly what Blake Mycoskie did. Not only did he create a movement to give to children in need. But he also attracted the attention of many individuals like us to follow and contribute as well. “He created TOMS shoes, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need”. His movement- One for One.
Looking at the picture, you would think that it is just a bunch of shoes line up with the boxes and flags of TOMS but you need to look at it differently. The lineup is not just to show how much shoes there are, but to recognize how far the movement has gone. No, I cannot take a picture of TOMS shoes revolving the world but let us put it as each pair you see there, represents thousands to millions given to a child in need. The boxes are there not to block the movement but to signify why the movement continues to exist and how strong it is with shoes continuing after the boxes, there is no end. Though at the end is just a flag of TOMS, it is not because the movement is dead, but because now, it is not just shoes, but now if we buy any kind of TOMS apparel a TOMS shoe will be given to a child in need. The path in front shows not the end but just the beginning (touching the sidewalk) starting anew. Now with their eyewear, buy one pair of TOMs glasses and give the gift of sight (glasses) to a child in need. Who knows what else the TOMS movement will bring, that’s for them to decide as well as us to follow for we are: A movement. TOMS. The ONE FOR ONE movement.