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Posted by: Katie Bipes   |   1/31/2012   |   United States

The Beginning of my TOMS Journey

The Beginning of my TOMS Journey


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Ever since the first moment I heard about TOMS, I have been itching to purchase a pair. Living on a college budget has not given me a lot of room for buying shoes. This Christmas season, my boyfriend let it slip that he was buying me a pair of TOMS for Christmas. After finals finished and before going home for Christmas break, he set up date night for us. For the first part of our date night, he was taking me to the Christmas trees set up on campus. He said he had wanted the shoes to be special surprise. So instead of just giving them to me, he wanted me to make it special by wrapping them up and putting them under the campus tree. This is what I had awaiting me under the tree. The ring fits and the shoes fit. A modern day Cinderella story!