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Posted by: Chantel Giongco   |   12/7/2011   |   United States

The Gift that Gives

The Gift that Gives


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I normally do all the Christmas shopping and this has been the norm for the last 9 years that I’ve been married. Well, this year my hubby comes up to me and says, “I’ll do the Christmas shopping this year.” I was surprised at the gesture and wanted to know what his angle was. He said he would do it all online from one store and everyone would get the same gift. He told me his idea and I loved it. This year, we are giving our family members a pair of TOMS. If you don’t know the story behind TOMS, you can read it here. But in short, like their motto, it’s “One for One.” You buy a pair of TOMS and they will GIVE a pair to a child in need of shoes. They recently went to the Philippines to give shoes to the children there. Click here to watch the clip.
If you still need to buy gift for your loved ones this year, consider buying TOMS! They’re comfortable, they have a TON of different styles, and best of all, a child in need will get a pair of new shoes!
Thanks hubby for the great idea! I didn’t have to stress this year about what to get everyone and I didn’t have to wait in long lines! I can’t wait to wrap all these shoes!