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Posted by: Vince Belen   |   4/16/2012   |   Asia

The TOMS Inspiring Advocacy

The TOMS Inspiring Advocacy


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TOMS Shoes, beyond from its classy swaggin' stylish shoes, creates huge possibilities and refuels hope for more and more people (most especially children) who lacks the opportunity of acquiring even just a single pair of shoes for themselves. ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES is one way of telling these kiddos that they'd be empowered and at the middle of every shoe-less journey, TOMS is here, guiding their paths bringing them a pair of new shoes as they continue to walk and step in life. I personally admire this wonderful advocacy shared by TOMS Shoes because I do feel their needs and weaknesses as they lack this basic need for footwear. I really wanted to be a part of this inspirational involvement whenever I put my sole on my pair of TOMS shoes which they never had. This is one sad reality of the world condition presently and by this simple act of generosity, we can build hope and strength as we help people improve their lives by starting housing their soles.