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Posted by: Kara Maneval   |   3/19/2012   |   United States

Two for Two!

Two for Two!


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When I asked my boyfriend to be my date to my ring dance, I had one rule: he had to wear TOMS. Everyone else was kind of weary of it, but it was the one thing that was non negotiable for me. I knew he would wear black canvas classics, but I wasn't sure of which ones I would wear.
And then, thank goodness, I found the perfect purple glitters. I bought a pair the day they came out, and I knew it would be the perfect final touch to my outfit.
Ring Dance was this past weekend, and every single person we saw told us how cute our TOMS were. It was the absolute perfect night with the perfect guy in the perfect shoes. TOMS helped make my night one to remember. And knowing that two pairs of shoes were donated just makes it all the more special.