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Posted by: Kourtney Chrisman   |   6/6/2012   |   United States

Warrior Dash Logan, OH

Warrior Dash Logan, OH


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I bought these gray Toms before Toms were cool. They were my second pair of Toms and I love them! Sadly, they are slowly falling apart! They have holes in the bottoms, on both toes plus they are just down right filthy! I decided to turn them into my "I don't care if they get dirty shoes" and they have slowly made it back to my everyday shoes! I am so proud of the wear and tears on them and the message they bring. I wore them to the Warrior Dash in Logan Ohio on June 3rd! They were filthy after wearing them around all that mud but I still have them and wear them everyday! I love my TOMS! I will wear these shoes until they completely fall apart!