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Posted by: Aline Vang   |   8/9/2012   |   United States

a difference elsewhere,

a difference elsewhere,


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When toms first came out, I had no idea what they were all about. They were just fashionable shoes to me. Everyone wore them. And then one day, in my pac2 class, a girl did a presentation on toms. It was her senior project. I thought to myself, "Why is she doing her senior project on toms?" She shared a video on how it all started. From the beginning of the making of the shoes, to sharing the shoes to kids all over the world. It helped me realize how ungrateful I was--taking things, like shoes, for granted. After watching that video, I prayed to God and asked for his forgiveness; asking him to forgive me for not appreciating the little things that he has blessed me with. Ever since then, I had the desire of getting a pair of toms. Not only was it because of how fashionable and cute they were, but because I wanted to help make a difference elsewhere.