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Posted by: Weekly Dive   |   7/6/2016   |   Shakespeare's Macbeth + Typewriters

1950s Tower Capri

This castle hath a pleasant seat.

--Duncan, I.vi.1

Oh poor King Duncan. So trusting—betrayed first by Macdonwald (the traitorous thane from the last quote, who Macbeth unseamed from the nave to the chops) and now by Macbeth. Only the audience knows that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have just decided to murder Duncan and usurp the throne. The evil pair can’t believe their luck: Duncan plans to stay the night under their roof. Upon arriving, Duncan looks around, breathes deep, and says the line pictured here. Ack! Don’t you want to scream him a warning? Too bad.

This Tower Capri typewriter is one of my newer pets, and its smooth, oatmeal-bland lines were just right for a hapless king who breezes from one blindsiding to the next. … I don’t have any links for Capri history. Which also seems appropriate for poor Duncan.

Image credit: Elizabeth Hunter

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