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Our Top 5 Social Media Networks to Watch



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No to time to waste, let's get into it. Here's our top 5:

1.   Wanelo

With over 350,000 stores and 20 million products Wanelo is on its way to becoming the premiere shopping social network.

2.   Snapchat

Some will say Snapchat is unfit for this category, and they have good reason. With over 400 million snap messages sent per day and 77% of college students using Snapchat it’s one of the hottest social media apps for Millenials.

3.   Medium

Medium has high expectations after being founded by the minds behind Twitter. 

4.   Vine

Back in 2013 Vine reached 40 million users in 7 months, and they haven’t stopped. With the top users having over 1 billion loops (views) Vine is emerging as a hot new commodity for Social Media Marketers.

5.   Ello

Ello perhaps has the most potential of this group and also the most uncertainty. Not many know what to make of this network, as it is still invite only and largely private. Time will tell what the ad-free social network has to offer.