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Posted by: Weekly Dive   |   7/6/2016   |   Shakespeare's Macbeth + Typewriters

Smith Corona Sterling, circa 1936

Methought I heard a voice cry “Sleep no more,

Macbeth does murder sleep.”

--Macbeth, II.ii.33–34

 When I directed Macbeth at Sloss, a restored blast furnace in Birmingham, Alabama [LINK TO SHAKESPEAREATSLOSS.ORG], I was pregnant with my first kid. Some women enjoy pregnancy, but not me. Wandering the neighborhood at 2AM, thinking about the play I was directing, was my only distraction from an impenetrable insomnia. Maybe I picked it up from Macbeth himself, because he repeats the phrase “sleep no more” three more times in just two lines, shortly after this moment. Sound familiar? If you’ve been to New York City lately, you might have heard of the immersive theatre project, Sleep No More, loosely based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Set in the fictional McKittrick Hotel, the show’s pre-WW2 luxury hotel time-capsule vibe was the inspiration for using my 1936 Corona Sterling to type this quote.

For info on the history of Corona typewriters, including the Sterling, check out this link. 

Image credit: Elizabeth Hunter

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